MASTA Tex cooler fleece rug

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Looking for an affordable combination neck rug to cool your horse down after exercise?

You’ll love the smart-buy Masta combination cooler, which helps your horse to cool at the right rate after you’ve been riding.

It works by cleverly combining a fleece upper in the cuddliest suede with a breezy mesh lower panel.

The fleecy fabric upper covers the horse’s back and the top of the neck. These are high heat areas that are known to get sweaty during exercise and cool down quickly afterwards, so they’re also areas where the horse soon starts to feel chilly. The breathable fleece wicks away moisture and dries quickly, meaning the horse doesn’t stay wet, which can also add to the chill factor.

The lower mesh panel is designed so cooling air can flow where it’s needed on the sweatiest parts, under the horse’s neck, around the elbows, on the belly, between the legs and under the tail.

What’s really smart, though, is the contoured shape of the rug which provides focussed insulation for the areas that need it while allowing cooler air flow to concentrate on the horse’s sides.

It’s simple to put on and take off, too. The rug fastens with a single surcingle fastening at the front. Twin low cross surcingles keep it in place while your horse cools down in the stable or on the yard.

Best of all, it makes a gorgeous, inexpensive travelling rug too.  


  • Highly breathable 250gsm suede fleece and mesh combination neck rug
  • Ingenious contoured design distributes cooling air where most required
  • Easy-fastening single surcingle-type fitting at front chest
  • Two touch-close fastenings keep neck securely closed
  • Twin low-cross surcingles keep rug in place while horse cools down slowly
  • Insulation is concentrated on areas that need it most
  • Attractive, bargain-priced rug doubles as travelling rug as well as cooler

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