John Whitaker Air Irons Stirrups
John Whitaker Air Irons Stirrups

John Whitaker Air Irons Stirrups

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The ultimate ultimate high performance stirrup irons. These irons have bendy arms and cushioning sole which softens the impact on riders joints and the horses back.

The John Whitaker Air Irons are a technological advancement to aid in shock absorption and comfort for both horse and rider!

Popular with dressage riders, show jumpers and eventers these stirrups can improve performance by softening the impact on the rider’s joints and the horse’s back.

The sole of the stirrups is filled with air and looks similar to a high-tech running shoe. Designed and developed by METALAB the ‘AIR SYSTEM’ in the stirrup irons is an inventive system for great performance.


- Stainless steel
- Flexible stirrup irons with grip
- Unique cushioning sole
- Bendy arms
- Rubber grips
- Centre cheese grater effect for extra grip
- Available in silver
- Available in 12cm only (this is inside the tread)

Sold in Pairs

Regular training with the unique ‘AIR SYSTEM’ stirrups will activate your muscles and simultaneously strengthen and protect joints. The air cushion of the stirrup tread conforms perfectly with the movement of the rider. In contrast to conventional stirrups this seamless connection of equipment and rider assures perfect shock absorption!

The ‘AIR SYSTEM’ in the John Whitaker Air Irons fundamentally improves the distribution of weight and shock absorption. By building up and strengthening neglected muscles, it enables your legs and ankles to balance the force load more effectively,

Irons Air Cushion One Size


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