Kentaur Capri Breastplate
Kentaur Capri Breastplate

Kentaur Capri Breastplate

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The Kentaur 'Capri' Breastplate features a classic design that is both functional and elegant. It has padded leather fitted around the chest, with a strap over the neck and adjustable loops attaching to the girth buckles. It does not have an attachment to fit underneath the girth, and so is suitable for horses prone to getting rubbed between their front legs.

There is a leather loop at the front to attach a martingale if required when jumping. Very popular for dressage and eventing horses that require a minimalist breastplate!

  • padded leather
  • Adjustable Loops
  • loop to attach a martingale
  • soft leather
  • elegant
  • funtional

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