Protechmasta Infrared therapy Rug
Protechmasta Infrared therapy Rug
Protechmasta Infrared therapy Rug
Protechmasta Infrared therapy Rug
Protechmasta Infrared therapy Rug

Protechmasta Infrared therapy Rug

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The Protechmasta  Infrared Therapy Rug is designed to enhance and stimulate your horse for improved health. Far infrared technology improves performance by delivering oxygen and nutrients to key muscle groups. It helps to prevent injuries by preparing muscles and tendons for work, improves recovery and muscle tightness by promotion of blood flow and relieve stress and tension for horse troubled by travel and/or anxiety, or horses in recovery. This is ideal for use before work to prepare the muscles for exercise, but most importantly after work to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process of any damage.

 infrared technology: Gently increases blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to muscles and faster removal of toxins leading to a more energized yet relaxed horse. Special ceramic powder (filaments) are blended with the yarns of the lining fabric, providing long lasting properties that will not wash out. These filaments are impregnated with Far Infrared (FIR) emitting nanoparticles designed to deliver thermal radiation effects. The benefits of the FIR heating elements of the Protechmasta rug lie in its ability to increase the blood flow of your horse by activating vasodilation and then keeping it constant. This widening of the blood vessels will improve metabolic rate and oxygenation of blood and cells. The heat generated from increased blood flow also makes connective tissue more flexible as its extensibility will increase, allowing for improved suppleness and prevention of injury. It temporarily decreases joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasm. Heat reduces inflammation and the build-up of fluid in tissues (oedema).

Super wicking: Air mesh fabric that is soft and absorbent to wick away moisture effectively.

Regulates temperature: Air pockets in the air mesh will help circulate warm air around your horse at a constant rate to prevent cooling down too quickly. 

Easy to use fastenings: Single front chest strap, cross surcingles and fillet string for a secure fit.

Independent clinical trails have shown the following results in horses wearing Protechmasta

Pre exercise resting heart rate reduced: relieving pre-exercise stress and general anxiety

Post exercise heart rate restored to resting rate quicker: showing significantly improved recovery rates

Skin surface temperature stabilized pre and post exercise: as compared to normal routine which showed temperature irregulation, sweating and heat stress

Inflammation reduced even after 30 minutes: proving increased circulation and minimising injury


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