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Jodhpurs & Breeches

What is the difference between Jodhpurs and Breeches?

Both Jodhpurs & Breeches are tight fitting riding pants, however, Breeches generally tend to finish around the mid calf and Jodhpurs generally finish around the rider's ankle. 

HB Horsewear has a range of ladies and children's Jodhpurs and Breeches for sale, coming in a range of colours and sizes.  There are Pull-On Jodhpurs, Low Ride Jodhpurs, full seat Jodhpurs and Breeches, La Grange Breeches just to mention a few.

Our two main brands are Peter Williams and Kerrits.  With the Kerrits range, we can put in a special order when 2 or more of the same products is purchased in the same transaction.  Click on the images below to view some of our range.
Kerrits Flex Tight Fullseat Riding TightContrast Pull-On JodhpursDressage De-Luxe Breeches - White and Grey

We are only a very small business but are constantly growing.  Join our mailing list to keep up to date. 

We look forward to doing business with you!

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