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Care and Size Guides - Boots and Pads

Boot Size Chart


Recommended Sizing   

*** PLEASE NOTE** this is a general sizing guide only and may vary horse to horse- if unsure please measure your horse for a more accurate sizing!

UP TO 12.2hh     XS Front and Hind

12.2hh -13.2hh   XS Front and Pony Hind

13.3hh-14.3hh    Pony Front and Cob Hind

14.3hh-15.3hh    Cob Front and Full Hind

15.3hh- 16.3hh   Full Front and Full Hind

16.3 ++               XF Front and Hind



 Care Instructions

 Saddle Pad Care:

Our saddle pads are machine washable, we recommend washing cold wash and take care to make sure the velcro on the tabs are done up to minimize catching and pulls in the fabric.

We recommend hosing off immediately after work, its always the quickest and easiest way! 

A quick brush using cool soapy water will assist with removing excess soil from the outer patent. Our brushing boots/tendon boots are machine washable, on cold wash with tabs fastened.
Machine washing may shorten the life of your boots if they have the sparkle detail or crystal detail so we recommend placing them in a wash bag (especially boots with rhinestones).

For the boots with fabric outer a quick spray with a scotchguard BEFORE use and periodically through their life will aid in the cleaning and longevity of these boots.






Care and Size Guides - Boots and Pads