False Tail Care

Here are some suggestions about how to maintain your false tail.

If your false tail is ready we will post day of purchase before 3pm WA time and if you need it in a hurry please send us a message. If your desired false tail is not ready we will contact you straight away and there may be a wait of up to 3 weeks before we can send your desired false tail off to you - a full refund will be given if you cannot wait.
We believe if you keep the horse hair in good condition, the false tail will last for a number of years.
Beautifully hand crafted false tails made from real horse hair.
 Always store horse tail extensions hanging or laying flat and in a tail bag or cloth tube sock only. False Tails can be stored braided or unbraided.

Washing your horse tail extension is allowed, but take care to wash only when necessary and take care not to get the overlay wet for extended periods of time.
 Make sure your false tail is dry before putting it away and storing.

 We do not recommend leaving the false tail extensions in your horse’s tail overnight.
Brush your horse tail extensions with a wide, long tooth brush, these seem to work best and do less damage.
Brush, wash and basically treat the false tail extension the same way you treat your horses natural tail. Be very gentle to avoid breakage, splitting and overall damage to the extension.

When brushing through the extension, saturate with a quality spray or oil to keep hairs manageable. Brush through the tail while holding the top part of the extension in a tight fisted hand to absorb the majority of the pulling from the brush. Most importantly DO NOT panic if your tail extension looses some hair! Keep in mind the obvious…these are made of real horse hair and some shedding is normal.

Longevity of your false tail is greatly due to proper care and constant conditioning. Always use a quality leave in conditioner in your extension. When washing your extension, choose a good rinse out conditioner.
Tail extensions can become brittle, dry and dull in appearance. This is why it is most important to make every effort to care and maintain your extension for added use and longevity.
Your extension should last years if properly taken care of!

Care, condition and enjoy!