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Tendon Boots, Bell Boots

Welcome back to HB Horsewear !!

Today at HB Horsewear we want to talk about tendon boots.

Tendon boots offer great protection for the horses leg when riding and can also offer support to the tendons. They are a great accessory to have in the tack room if you do a lot of trail riding or to stop your horse knocking their legs and causing injury. Tendon boots come in wide range of styles and colours. 

When deciding on what tendon or brushing boot is best suited to your horse you need to look at what kind of thing they will be used for. When jumping it is best to look at an open front boot that is light weight and has good support and protection around the tendon and fetlock area to stop from injuries occurring when landing and taking off.

For dressage and general arena work you may like a fleece lined or unlined boot that wraps around the leg fully.

Here at HB Horsewear we stock a range of fantastic tendon boots for all riders.

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