PROTECHMASTA Therapeutic I n f r a r e d Poll Pad

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Masta's Protechmasta Infrared Bridle Poll Pad helps relieve muscle tension and sensitivity behind the ears and over the poll area. A naturalistic ceramic infused lining emits a safe form of Far Infrared radiation which is a natural process and is scientifically proven to gently and safely assist blood circulation, therefore, helping to ease muscle tension, aid relaxation and help in the prevention of injury. 


Far infra-red technology
A naturalistic ceramic infused lining that emits a safe form of Far Infrared radiation, also known as Biogenetic Radiation, to the horse’s body, this is then reflected from the horse’s body creating a natural black body effect. Far Infrared radiation is a natural process and is scientifically proven to gently and safely assist blood circulation. Helping to support healthy joints, soft tissue, maintain healthy blood flow, ease muscle tension, support recovery and aid in helping keep structures and functions sound.

*A black body is an object or organism (in this case the horse) that absorbs all FIR radiation that is placed upon it, (in this case the Far Infrared Radiating ceramics infused into the lining of the Protechmasta Competition Poll Pad.) It then reflects this radiation back at the same frequency that has been generated by the initiating blackbody the horse *

Key Features

  • Ceramic infused lining
  • Breathable airmesh outer
  • Sits discreetly under the bridle or headcollar
  • Hook and loop fastening
  • Use all year round

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Bridle Poll Pad?
The poll pad is approximately 26cm long and 4.5cm wide.

How long should the Bridle Poll Pad be worn for, for maximum effect?
It is ideal if you can apply the poll guard 30 minutes before exercise perhaps attached to a headcollar, then during exercise attached to your bridle then back on a headcollar post exercise. This will help to promote blood flow to the muscles for warming up and relaxation and also help to reduce lactic acid build up and relieve tension.

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