Super shine Hoof Black

Super shine Hoof Black

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Product Features and Benefits
Absorbine® SuperShine® is a favourite in tack rooms throughout the World.
Producing that final showring shine by competitors of many equestrian disciplines.
Absorbine® SuperShine® is a top quality, high lustre hoof polish that dries in less than a minute, producing a mirror-like shine.

It does not penetrate beyond the surface of the hoof wall and seals out excess moisture to help harden soft hooves.

SuperShine® can be removed by using an agent such as Ultra Hoof Polish Remover, and will rub off within a week during a horse's normal routine.

• Applicator brush is attached to the lid.
• 236mL
• Quick-drying formula - dries in less than 60 seconds!
• Does not penetrate beyond the hoof wall
• Creates a high-gloss, clear finish
• Suitable for all hooves
• Seals out excess moisture
• Stable favourite World-wide

HANDY HINT!  Clip the hair around the coronet band before applying clear hoof polish.  This will make it easier to create a straight line and a professional finish.

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