HB Horsewear, Saddle Pads, Tendon Boots, Horse Care
HB Horsewear, Saddle Pads, Tendon Boots, Horse Care

Harrys Horse Anatomical Release Bridle

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Leather bridle with special anatomical properties. An anatomical bridle can certainly contribute to greater comfort for the horse, and thus improve performance!

The anatomical noseband is anatomically shaped and protects the sensitive nerves on the horse head. Just like a bridle with a high noseband, it does not come in contact with sensitive areas.

The anatomically shaped noseband avoids sensitive nerves of the horse head wich gives him more comfort while riding. The flashband only go's arround the back and avoids the nose wings so it's much easier for the horse to breathe. The extra stran under the jaw is easy to close with a carabiner hook.  The headpiece is also anatomically shaped and softly padded, reducing pressure behind the ears and contributing to the horse's comfort. Comes with web reins. 
Micklem relative 

  • anatomically shaped
  • shaped
  • noseband
  • Soft Padded
  • Reduces Pressure
  • Included Web Reins
  • Protects sensitive nerves 

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