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N.E.W Ice Or Heat Gel Cel Pads Equine And Human

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From NEW Equine Wear the GelCel Pads are a unique, easy and cost effective way to cool your horses legs without using messy gels, ice or sprays.

These boots are very easy and convenient to use. They activate quickly when soaked in water and provide an instant cooling action.

The boots are made of a breathable felt which means heat from the legs can quickly escape rather than been held against the leg which can happen with non breathable ice boots.

These boots can be used to aid recovery of ongoing injuries, or used as a first aid tool when immediate leg cooling is required.

These boots have the added benefit of being able to be frozen or microwaved for more extreme temperature applications. They are a truly versatile essential for the first aid or competition kit.

You can reuse these boots up to 500 times, they are suitable for both horse and human use.

Amazing Value and quick and easy to use.

Each pack contains two pads

NEW Equine Wear

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