Quick Knot Deluxe®
Quick Knot Deluxe®
Quick Knot Deluxe®

Quick Knot Deluxe®

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New Deluxe

Quick Knot Deluxe® is the most advanced mane clip on the market. Available in: black, brown and white, and in standard and XL sizes. Packaged in a handy resealable packaging including a manual in various languages. 

Quick Knot Deluxe® is a patented must-have tool for quick and easy professional knots, which can just as easily be removed from the manes.

Apply your quick knot in 6 simple steps

1 Make a plait

2 Roll the plait into a ball

3 Push the quick knot through the backside of the plait

4 The middle prong will come through the front end

5 Bend this prong 45 degrees side  or upwards and the plait is finished

6 Bend the middle prong back down and pull the quick knot our


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